Here are some of the things you will need to get started in your new beading hobby.

Colourcraft Wire

Elastic Cord

Invisible Cord

Memory Wire

Nylon Thread

Parachute Cord


Beading Wire/Thread  - There are a wide variety of beading wires and threads.  Some of the more commonly used types are:

'Silkon' Nylon Thread - a special heat-set nylon. Because of its exceptional durability and resistance to fraying, it can be used with abrasive stone or metal beads. Use light weight thread for designs using small gem beads & freshwater pearls. Use medium weight thread for plastic, glass and wood beads. Use heavy weight thread for gemstone, metal and larger glass beads. Comes in a wide variety of colors. Top

Parachute Cord - Made from super hi-tech 'Spectra fibers,' this has less stretch (3%) when compared to most monofilaments. It is naturally waterproof and resists 100% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation. It's 10 times stronger than steel, with superior abrasion resistance. Top

Powercord Elastic - The major advantage of Power Cord is that it returns to its original shape after stretching. Perfect for use with transparent gemstone beads as well as crystal and glass. High quality elastic is perfect for making chokers, bracelets, or anklets. Knots easily to terminate strands. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Top

Acculon Tigertail - Use beading wire rather than thread if the beads have sharp-edged holes which could cut thread. This beading wire is a miniature braided stainless steel cable covered with nylon. It is also excellent with heavier necklaces or designs which require a stiffer 'lie' than thread. Beading wire should be terminated with crimp beads, and no beading needle is required. Top

Accu-Flex - Strong, flexible, and kink resistant, Accu-Flex is intended to be part of the design. Accu-Flex comes in seven colors as well as the clear (silver) color. This beading wire is flexible and resists kinking unless severely bent. It can be knotted and crimped, yet is twice as strong as regular tigertail. Top

Invisible Cord - Almost clear and used to string transparent and translucent crystal and gem beads. It is made with a special triple weave that resists stretching and is unusually strong.  Made especially for illusion-style necklaces. Top

Memory Wire - Genuine surgical steel wire. This wire won't rust like ordinary cold-rolled steel memory wire sold by others. Rigid and pre-coiled, it's easy to use. Just make a loop on one side, string on beads and finish with a loop or a 1/2-drilled bead. Use in single loops or multi-loop combinations.  Comes in Necklace, bracelet and ring sizes. Top

Colourcraft Wire - Shape into colorful and creative designs using quality Colourcraft color-coated copper wire. This quality wire is available in 9 colors and 7 wire gauge sizes. Top

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