The Gallery

Take a look at some examples of what you can do with beads.  If you have something you would like to share with your fellow beaders and jewelry makers, please drop us a line and we will add it to the gallery.

To look at the gallery for any individual item simply click on the thumbnail picture.


Painted Bead Necklace with Dichroic Glass Pendant by Jackie Wray


Painted Bead Necklace with Dichroic Glass Pendant by Ed Wray


Lampwork, crystal & sterling silver bracelet by Ed Wray

Learn how this bracelet was made!

Brac22a.jpg (46924 bytes)

'Flower Garden' by Jackie Wray

Flower1.jpg (56579 bytes)

Multi-Strand Czech Bead Necklace with Murano Glass Pendant by Ed Wray

Murano1.jpg (30516 bytes)

'Honeymoon in Vegas' by Jackie Wray

Honeymoon1.jpg (41482 bytes)

Kiln Fused Glass Pendant by Ed Wray

Pendant1.jpg (30922 bytes)

'Fusion' by Jackie Wray

Fusion1.jpg (27393 bytes)

Hummingbird Tiffany Style Wind Chime with Crystal Chimes and Cloisonné Hummingbird by Ed Wray

HB1.jpg (20732 bytes)

'Over the Rainbow' by Jackie Wray

Rainbow1.jpg (34962 bytes)

Glass Beaded Necklace with Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant by Ed Wray

DiNeck1.jpg (34575 bytes)

Crocheted Wire and Crystal Bracelet with Teardrop Crystal Clasp by Jackie Wray

CroBrac.jpg (127874 bytes)

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